Month: October 2007

Arghhhh. Travel Insurance

ARGH “£$^&^”%&

I am writing this to serve as a warning to those of you in similar situation, and don’t know it yet.

Looks like the travel insurance I have doesn’t have cover for missed connections.
My flight on American Airlines from Honolulu to San Francisco was diverted to San Jose due to fog and the aircraft running low on fuel.

As a result I missed my United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas. American Airlines said they can’t help since it’s on a separate PNR (reservation). I ended up coughing up $440 for a ticket + $140 for hotel in addition to the night already paid for in hotel in Vegas.

My insurance didn’t cover missed connections

let this be a warning when buying cheap insurance from or any other comparison site, sometimes it’s hard to see what you’re missing.

Rant over.


Big issue and LBS

Saw something that I found really amusing today.
A big issue reseller using a London Business School bag to sell the magazine outside a supermarket.
Looks like MBAs aren’t that much in demand anymore 🙂
PS. Yes I did buy a copy.

Royal mail

Looks like this may be the beginning of the end ARGHHHHH for Royal Mail.

Workforce stuck in the 70s are repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot. I doubt there is any public sympathy to those workshy lazy leaves ***********.

I doubt they’re smart enough to actually realise what they’ve started.

  • Royal Mail is losing money: Fact.
  • Most people didn’t mind royal mail, it just worked: Fact.
  • Competition is catching up, competing in the most profitable parts of the business: Fact.
  • There is plenty of room for RM to modernise in terms of automation: Fact.

As a result.

  • RM is losing the profitable business since it cannot compete: Losses get bigger.
  • People are pissed off with RM and start looking for alternatives: More losses.
  • The parts that were subsidised by the profitable parts will be simply abandoned.

Net result of the strike: More losses resulting in bigger redundancies and job cuts.
The cycle has started, the unions are to blame.

here is the news:

Burying your head in the sand is Website longer an option, trusting in the sanity of the unions is not a strategy and it’s a stupid option.

End of Rant.



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