Month: May 2014

Collecting money for carpet washing machine for the masajid in Edinburgh


Assalam Alekom,

Dear All,

We are collecting money to buy our own carpet washing machine as waqf [] dedicated to all the houses of Allah in Edinburgh (And beyond if needed).

As some brothers regularly spend to clean the carpet in Central and other masajid before Ramadhan and Eid on regular basis (Costing around £600 for professional cleaning) we thought it would make more sense to buy a commercial machine and use that to clean the houses of Allah.

The total cost including soap is around £1,600. We have collected 25% in the last 2 days with more promised.

There is great ajr in cleaning the houses of Allah with continuous reward from every use.

Allah SWT has ordered Ibrahim PBUH and Ismael PBUH to purify His house, we are simply following in their footsteps.

Prophet Mohammed PBUH said:
When the son of Adam dies, his deeds are stopped with the exception of 3, a sadaqa that is continuous (and continuing to work after his death), knowledge that is useful and a good offsrping (Son or daughter) doing duaa for him. Sahih Tirmithi 1376

إذا ماتَ الإنسانُ انقَطعَ عنه عملُهُ إلَّامنثلاثٍ :صَدقةٌجاريةٌ . وعِلمٌ يُنتَفعُ بِهِ ، وولدٌ صالحٌ يدعو لَهُ

الراوي:أبو هريرةالمحدث:الألباني – المصدر: صحيح الترمذي – الصفحة أو الرقم: 1376
خلاصة حكم المحدث:صحيح
How can I help?

  • Money:

If you want to get involved, you can give whatever you can (I would say as little as £1 but it’s easier to deal with notes so minimum £5 would be ideal). You can also help with the collection.

How to get the money across

Cash is ideal as it is easy to track how much has been collected and is not subject to promises (I’ll pay you next week).
Get in touch with Subhi on 07720 441386 or

  • Muscles

If you wish to help with the cleaning, please do get in touch indicating you want to be kept up to date with the cleaning schedule.

Frequently asked questions

What will happen when you reach the target of £1600?

Collection will stop. If there is a small amount over the target, 2 additional things will be purchased (10m extension reel and 1L spray bottle for concentrated carpet cleaning solution for tough stains), any remaining money will be split 50/50 between Central mosque and Iqra for doing up the bathrooms.
 What is the machine being purchased?
To be bought from this place:

It’s the starter machine in commercial cleaning. Not domestic version of these kind of equipment.
Why haven’t you using gofundme or equivalent online donation websites?
These websites charge commission around 1.5-2% mark, this means we’d need to collect an additional money to cover their costs.

When do you want this done?

Before 10th of Shaaban / 10th June.

We meed the machine to be onsite within the next 2 weeks to give us 2 weeks to clean all the masajid in Edinburgh before Ramadhan

Where will the machine be stored?

We are looking to have it stored in Central Mosque but with availability to all masajid in Edinburgh on request, there will also be a written inheritance plan (which masjid will the machine be stored in) if Central Mosque cannot store the machine in the future.

Why not buy a cheaper machine and use that ?
The sizes of prayer halls we are talking about are huge (3 floors in Central, 2 floors in Iqra, similar with Blackhall and Annandale) and domestic machines are not up to the job, the water tank is quiet small (Around 4L), secondly the speed of which they clean the carpet at will be too slow to make us complete the job in a reasonable amount of time. Saying that, if someone knows of a better machine than the one that is being decided on, please do get in touch.
How do I get in touch ?

Contact Subhi on 07720 441386.