Customer service

Toshiba Customer Support sucks

Why do companies make it so difficult to communicate between the customer and the person actually responsible for solving the problem.

This only promotes poor quality and service delivery, as there are so many people in the chain the customer will usually get fed up trying to reach the person and grudgingly accept “That’s all he’s going to get”

Only the most stubborn and persistent of customers can actually puncture and break through and force someone to look at the bigger picture and ignore the badly written procedures and processes that have failed in that instance.

Toshiba has yet to solve my problem, I bought a restore disc for my laptop which doesn’t work. Toshiba claims it’s not their problem as it’s from an external supplier.

Here is news for you, when it says “Toshiba retsore disc” purchased from a website called I expect you (Toshiba) to take full responsibility and not to offload it to some supplier. Again goes back to hiding behind multiple layers of “other people”.

I am disappointed with Toshiba and I am stubborn enough to get this matter sorted out.

Royal mail

Looks like this may be the beginning of the end ARGHHHHH for Royal Mail.

Workforce stuck in the 70s are repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot. I doubt there is any public sympathy to those workshy lazy leaves ***********.

I doubt they’re smart enough to actually realise what they’ve started.

  • Royal Mail is losing money: Fact.
  • Most people didn’t mind royal mail, it just worked: Fact.
  • Competition is catching up, competing in the most profitable parts of the business: Fact.
  • There is plenty of room for RM to modernise in terms of automation: Fact.

As a result.

  • RM is losing the profitable business since it cannot compete: Losses get bigger.
  • People are pissed off with RM and start looking for alternatives: More losses.
  • The parts that were subsidised by the profitable parts will be simply abandoned.

Net result of the strike: More losses resulting in bigger redundancies and job cuts.
The cycle has started, the unions are to blame.

here is the news:

Burying your head in the sand is Website longer an option, trusting in the sanity of the unions is not a strategy and it’s a stupid option.

End of Rant.