Things to do in Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1 (AUH)

Get out, seriously, get out, spend as little time as possible there.

It made it to the top of my world’s worst airport terminals list, beating JFK Jet blue terminal hands down.

You’re out of luck if you want something to eat in T1, your only choice is Costa coffee. If you have plenty of time (90+ minutes) you can do the following:

Locate the spoke from the central bit that’ll take you to gate 41. Now what that sign doesn’t tell you, is that gate 41 is in T3 viagra preis.

T3 is 20 minutes walk away, you’ll need to clear security again, so give yourself extra time, there is no security to clear on the way back.

So think about it this way, 20+20 min for going there and back, add 10 mins for faffing about, 20 mins for security, you get the idea, it doesn’t leave you much time for food.

Choices are:

  • Burger King
  • Some kind of Chinese/Oriental offering
  • Cafe
  • Steak House

The food court is located on the upper level, the escalators are behind the perfume counters.

Free wifi (And computers) are provided but over subscribed in T1 main hub point and after the duty free in T3.

So as I said, minimise your time there and get out.

Doing the impossible at Heathrow

I’ve done a stupid thing. I have booked a flight from T5 to Edinburgh, that’s not the problem though. The problem is it leaves 65 minutes after my first flight arrives into T1 !!

So,,,, T1 to T5 in 65 minutes on airside… Is it doable? The minimum “legal connection” is 90 minutes according to

I took bets from friends I was travelling with on the incoming flight , 75% were betting I won’t make it.  Below is the story of madness and mayhem.

I arrived into T1 on BMI (Hand luggage only) from an international flight, so I am classified as non-sterile, meaning I have to clear security again on arrival.

One more hurdle was that I needed to be at security 35 minutes before departure (T5 rules!)

I then Realised that I forgot to take into account the 35 minutes barrier, this meant I no longer had 65 minutes, I now have 30 minutes to get from T1 to T5 barrier check.

Here it goes

T1 -> Run -> Flight connections -> Bus -> run -> flight connections -> 35 minutes cut off check at T5 -> Passport control -> 35 minutes cut off check -> security -> T5 Departure!

The plane arrived at gate 55 in T1, the worst possible starting point, the furthest away gate in the terminal from flight connections!

Plane lands

T minus 35 minutes

Door opens. Countdown started.

T minus 30 minutes

Run towards flight connections, with 2 bags and a spare wheel around my waist it’s not so easy.

T minus 23 minutes

Arrive at T1 passport control, it’s not what I need, valuable time wasted asking someone who did not know, I need to get to T5

T minus 21 minutes

At the bus stop, waiting for the bus to T5.

T minus 18 minutes

Bus arrives, driver says he plans to wait for 5 more minutes. !!!!!!

The bus leaves after the drivers looks inside the terminal and seeing no-one was there (It’s a BA strike day)!

T minus 5 minutes

Bus arrives at T5, run upstairs towards flight connections.

T minus 2 minutes

Arrive at first 35 minutes cut-off check.Clear!

Arrive at passport control. Clear!

T minus zero minutes

Arrive at second 35 minutes cut-off check. Clear!

The sprint is over, I can take my time walking to the escalators that will take me to security……

5 minutes later I was in T5 departures.

I have made it.

I arrived as the plane was boarding, 10 minutes later I was on board.

Moral of the story:

If it says 90 minutes, it will need 90 minutes.

I only made it because I was lucky that everything was working in my favour, The bus left 5 minutes early. BA being on strike meant the number of passengers was very low and there were no queues at the cut-off checkpoints, passport controls or security and I had my boarding pass printed which meant I did not need to check in at Heathrow.

If you’re thinking about doing it, don’t!


Getting to Zambia

My sister is getting married in Lusaka in Zambia. Below is a quick list of airlines and how you can get to Zambia from Europe and the Middle East.


Flying to Lusaka Airport (IATA Airport code: LUN)

Direct flights from Europe:

British Airways from London Heathrow (LHR). Every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

A comprehensive list is on:

Indirect flights:

Your options are generally connecting in Johannesburg, as most of the flights from Lusaka end up in Johannesburg.

Flights to Johannesburg are very frequent, with most airlines operating daily.

Airfrance: Paris

British Airways: London
Cathay Pacific: Hong Kong
Delta Air Lines: Atlanta
EgyptAir: Cairo
Emirates: Dubai
Etihad Airways: Abu Dhabi
Iberia: Madrid
KLM: Amsterdam
Lufthansa: Frankfurt
Qatar Airways: Doha
Saudi Arabian Airlines: Jeddah
South African Airways: Accra, Blantyre, Buenos Aires-Ezeiza, Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe, Frankfurt, Harare, Hong Kong, Kinshasa, Lagos, Lilongwe, Livingstone, London-Heathrow, Luanda, Lubumbashi, Lusaka, Maputo, Mauritius, Mumbai, Munich, New York-JFK, Perth, São Paulo-Guarulhos, Victoria Falls, Washington-Dulles, Windhoek
Swiss International Air Lines: Zürich
TAP Portugal: Lisbon, Maputo
Turkish Airlines: Istanbul-Atatürk
Virgin Atlantic: London-Heathrow

Then you can connect to one of the many daily flights from Johanessburg on South African Airlines, Zambezi Airways, or Air Namibia., and are good places to buy the tickets from.


This website will tell you if you need a visa or not, and the cost of the visa.

Things to do in Zambia

Zambia is famous for Victoria falls, one of the largest falls of the world.

Safaris are great way of experiencing the wildlife in Africa.

and Plenty more, but I haven’t finished my research yet 🙂

Hope this helps, if you have anything to add or questions, please do give me a shout.

The flying sheep!


So how do you get a sheep up a power line?

The answer is easy. Just look at the picture above 🙂

From the little I managed to understand from google translation the story goes.

The sheep got stuck on the power line further up the hill, where the sheep graze and  the wire is closer to the ground/fence. The sheep’s horns got tangled and it slid down the hill on the wire.

Some German tourists helped to get it down. The locals presumably got fed up of the sliding sheep 🙂

Amusing stuff

(English Translation)

(Original article in Norwegian)

Edinburgh's Fringe Strangest Venues

Now that Edinburgh fringe festival is about to start, the city is full of fresh hopefuls, with their bright eyes enjoying the glitz and glamour a festival brings.

Only a handful will come back next year, I love the naïve view that they have, thinking that the city has not seen anything like them before 🙂

The tourists and other performers seem to enjoy it, to the locals, it’s another festival……..

Or maybe I am just a grumpy old man. To many of these people the fringe is another opportunity at making it big to the stardom, a short story about the history of the fringe here.

Interesting article on the BBC about the strangest places to hold a show :).

I’ve always wanted to do a show during the fringe, I was going to do an online show, but hey, looks like that’s been done now.

Oh well 🙂

Maybe next year

Arghhhh. Travel Insurance

ARGH “£$^&^”%&

I am writing this to serve as a warning to those of you in similar situation, and don’t know it yet.

Looks like the travel insurance I have doesn’t have cover for missed connections.
My flight on American Airlines from Honolulu to San Francisco was diverted to San Jose due to fog and the aircraft running low on fuel.

As a result I missed my United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas. American Airlines said they can’t help since it’s on a separate PNR (reservation). I ended up coughing up $440 for a ticket + $140 for hotel in addition to the night already paid for in hotel in Vegas.

My insurance didn’t cover missed connections

let this be a warning when buying cheap insurance from or any other comparison site, sometimes it’s hard to see what you’re missing.

Rant over.