edinburgh fringe

Edinburgh's Fringe Strangest Venues

Now that Edinburgh fringe festival is about to start, the city is full of fresh hopefuls, with their bright eyes enjoying the glitz and glamour a festival brings.

Only a handful will come back next year, I love the naïve view that they have, thinking that the city has not seen anything like them before 🙂

The tourists and other performers seem to enjoy it, to the locals, it’s another festival……..

Or maybe I am just a grumpy old man. To many of these people the fringe is another opportunity at making it big to the stardom, a short story about the history of the fringe here.

Interesting article on the BBC about the strangest places to hold a show :).

I’ve always wanted to do a show during the fringe, I was going to do an online show, but hey, looks like that’s been done now.

Oh well 🙂

Maybe next year