Using the internet in Zambia

So here I am in Lusaka, trying to get my daily fix of the interweb.

The easiest way to get access on limited basis is to buy a local mobile phone sim card, from the many many places that sell them around the city. I opted for a Zain SIM card ( but you have a choice of 2 other networks MTN and Zamtel.

The cost of the sim card is 5,000 kwacha (approx £0.70 or $1 USD). Add to that around 10,000 Kwacha for startup credit to get you going.

The costs for a pay-as-you-go setup is a fixed 1,600 ZMK per meg which can add up very quickly, but using a phone on android you can control the usage much better than using it on the computer. I was switching the mobile internet on every 2-3 hours to get the emails and check on bits and pieces. I end up spending around 10,000 ZMK per day on average usage.

The network syncs to Edge but I am told they have 3G too but I suspect the sim I have is limited as it’s cheap and probably isn’t designed for 3G.

The APN settings are:

Internet Settings
Account Name = Zain Internet
Home Page:
IP Address = none (leave blank)
Port = none (leave blank)
Username = none (leave blank)
Password = none (leave blank)
Access Point Name (APN) = internet

For further information you can always check Zain’s own website