I am doing Prince2 Course, while I like the way it thinks about projects, initiation, delivery and follow-up I can’t help thinking it’s the cause why MANY projects especially in the public sector cost so much.

I always think of projects having a life of their own (True) but Prince2 has the potential to create a monster where the requirements of internal customer (The project) can be larger and more time consuming than the actual product delivered by the project.

WHat should happen is to tailoring the method (Using the right tools etc), but from what I can see, it’s easy to get that wrong. Especially when you have external expectations that you will be using the book, the whole book and nothing but the book.

The book incidentally in 2009 version is 326 Pages (130 Pages shorter than the 2005 Edition).

It doesn’t make it any easier tho.

Time to get back to studying, I have my foundation exam this afternoon.