Things to do in Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1 (AUH)

Get out, seriously, get out, spend as little time as possible there.

It made it to the top of my world’s worst airport terminals list, beating JFK Jet blue terminal hands down.

You’re out of luck if you want something to eat in T1, your only choice is Costa coffee. If you have plenty of time (90+ minutes) you can do the following:

Locate the spoke from the central bit that’ll take you to gate 41. Now what that sign doesn’t tell you, is that gate 41 is in T3 viagra preis.

T3 is 20 minutes walk away, you’ll need to clear security again, so give yourself extra time, there is no security to clear on the way back.

So think about it this way, 20+20 min for going there and back, add 10 mins for faffing about, 20 mins for security, you get the idea, it doesn’t leave you much time for food.

Choices are:

  • Burger King
  • Some kind of Chinese/Oriental offering
  • Cafe
  • Steak House

The food court is located on the upper level, the escalators are behind the perfume counters.

Free wifi (And computers) are provided but over subscribed in T1 main hub point and after the duty free in T3.

So as I said, minimise your time there and get out.

One comment on “Things to do in Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1 (AUH)

  1. Flash Bristow 02/January/2011 11:38 pm

    Have you been to Reykjavik? Or rather, Keflavik airport? Although there is one big plus (duty free is open to people coming in, as well as going out) there is Nothing To Eat.

    I needed to find some food while I was there on a Sunday afternoon in 2006, as I had taken painkillers and really needed to line my stomach. There were a few sandwiches but nothing vegetarian at all.

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