Beards and cleanliness

I saw a link to this report earlier and it made me think a little bit.

Some beards as dirty as toilets

Microbiologist tests beards for germs

As a Muslim it made me think, does this apply to Muslims?

In Islam, Men are ordered to preserve their beards and the current trend of having beards we’ve been following for over 1400 years as it is the order of God and the way of the Prophets Peace and blessings be upon them.

So if beards harbour bacteria then what ?


As Muslims, we are ordered to pray, 5 times a day, part of the preparation of prayer is that we have to purify ourselves by using water to washing our hands, arms to the elbow, head and feet, this also happens 5 times a day. This is called Wudu’ وضوء, meaning to illuminate/shine/brighten.

The best wudu is the one that is performed by washing each part 3 times (Except the top of the head), in wudu the beard is washed with the water reaching the roots of the hair, so taking all of that stuff into account. A Muslim man washes his beard 15 times per day as part of his preparation for prayer.

I’ve seen people not wash their hands after using the toilet, we Muslims wash ourselves 15 times per day!

Something to think about, God’s religion is perfect, men usually mess up perfect by adding to it.